Communication to Parents

Communication with school

School Star is an application (app) that can be used by parents to receive messages and news from the school, reply to messages the school has sent and send messages to the school. 

Tambrey Primary School (Facebook Page) 

Tambrey Primary P&C (Facebook Private Group) 

Telephone: (08) 9186 7400 


Communication with staff

Tambrey Primary School staff are always willing to discuss any aspect of your child’s education. At Tambrey Primary School we have implemented an easy process to best address the needs of parents and their children. 


All communication should follow the stages of having contact in the following order: 

1. Classroom Teacher 
2. If not resolved, contact the office to arrange a meeting with a Deputy Principal 
3. If still not resolved contact the office to arrange a meeting with the Principal 

Please ensure that you speak with the teacher either before or after school as they have classes during school hours. A meeting time can be arranged with the class teacher and must be arranged if communication reaches discussions with either the Deputy or Princi-pal. 

Absence from school

SMS: 0409 290 652 (this number does not receive calls, only text messages) 

To report an absence please send a message through school star, sms or call the front office. If your child is absent without notification you will receive a message requesting the reason for absence. 

If your child arrives at school after 8:20am they must come to the office for a late note otherwise they will be marked absent for the day.