Tropical Cyclones are a seasonally occurring natural hazard that can cause considerable damage to property and potentially threaten lives. The North West cyclone season extends from the beginning of November through to the end of April each year.

The S.E.S. and Bureau of Meteorology provides information to schools and the community about the potential threat of an approaching cyclone,  ensuring sufficient preparations can be made to minimise the impact on our school and to ensure the safety of our students. 

Extreme weather

As Karratha is frequently exposed to very hot conditions and occasional cyclonic conditions it is necessary to ensure children’s health and safety by keeping students out of the playground or sporting fields in extreme weather conditions. On the declaration of extreme weather policy, supervision at break times will be provided indoors. Planned outdoor learning activities, such as Physical Education lessons and daily fitness are to be modified at the discretion of the teacher and may include conducting lessons in the shade or in-doors, or altering the content, time and duration of the lesson. 

Guidelines for activation of extreme weather policy 

  • Forecast and current temperature 
  • Forecast and current persistent and substantial rainfall