Pastoral Care

Tambrey Primary is a Positive Behaviour Support School (PBS). In essence, this means that we acknowledge that behaviour is learned and can be taught. The quality of pastoral care influences the ethos and tone of the whole school. Pastoral Care is a set of systems, procedures and strategies which attempt to meet the totality of needs of students so that each child has the opportunity to reach his/her potential and is equipped with the skills to cope with life. 

Tambrey Primary School espouses the 4 Stars to Success: Strive for Personal Growth, Take Responsibility, Act Safe and Respect. Students are rewarded for demonstrating these skills and attributes with certificates of recognition which are presented at whole school assemblies each fortnight. 

Each student from Kindergarten to Year Six is also awarded Tambrey Star status upon enrolment. Students retain their status all year and are rewarded twice per term with a Tambrey Star Celebration Reward Day. These are themed to reflect the particular skill that has been focussed on in that time period and varies every time. Students can lose their Tambrey Star status?