School Star APP

School Star App

School Star is an application (app) that can be used by parents to receive messages and news from the school, reply to messages the school has sent and send messages to the school. We will use this to send information to targeted groups of people to limit the amount of messages sent to all families ie Camp information or Interschool Carnival information.

How to install School Star 

Step 1 – Install School Star 

  • School Star is available in the Google Play Store® and Apple App Store® by searching for “School Star”. 
  • Once the app is installed you must be registered by the contact details and school may have for you. 

Step 2– Register 

  • Click on Register. 
  • Enter your own mobile number without the first zero then click Continue. This will find any school that your mobile number is associated with as a parent eg if you have a child in primary and a child in a secondary school, you will see both schools. 

Step 3 – Create an account 

  • Complete all required information. 
  • School Star may identify that you are registered in more than one school as shown. 
  • This means you can connect and engage with multiple schools using the one app. 
  • You must use the email address you have given the school ie if you have several email addresses, the right one needs to be entered. 
  • At the bottom of the screen click on Create Account. 
  • You will receive a txt message with a single use Security Code. 
  • Enter the Security Code in your phone 
  • If you do not receive the Security Code in a short period of time, click on the “Tap here to resend” link. 
  • Once the Security Code has been confirmed, a “Successfully Verified” screen will appear. Click on Finish. 

Note: You need to verify your email address to give full access to School Star functionality. 

If you log out of School Star you will need to log in again and enter your email address and password.