We are a dynamic, innovative and inclusive community that inspires lifelong learning and achievement for all.

Our Beliefs

  • Providing quality teaching is evidence based, with high impact and low variation
  • Effective literacy and numeracy skills are critical to successful learning
  • The health and well being of all staff and students is vital
  • Positive partnerships must exist between school, home and the wider community
  • Everyone is capable of achieving great things
  • Learning is a lifelong journey
  • Diversity and inclusivity are to be valued and celebrated and; The standard you walk past is the standard you accept. 

School Creed

With excellence I start my day, and do the best I can 
As Tambrey kids we try our best, 
We use our four stars for success. 
We care for others and show respect, 
And we are proud to say 
We are from TAMBREY