School Creed / Values

Tambrey Primary School Creed


"With excellence I start my day,

and do the best I can.

As Tambrey kids we try our best,

we use our 5 keys for success.


We care for others and show respect,

and we are proud to say,

we are from TAMBREY!"

Tambrey Primary School Values

Tambrey Primary School has very high expectations of students, staff, and the wider school community with regards to how all conduct themselves around the school.  This includes students applying themselves to learning, staff providing high quality teaching, parents/carers liaising with staff to support learning and the wider communities support in a variety of ways. As a school community we are committed to improving every student’s academic results, as well as their social and emotional wellbeing. The “You Can Do It” program is firmly embedded across K-7 and focuses on five keys of Success, Resilience, Confidence, Persistence, Getting Along and Organisation.