Hello and thanks for visiting the Music Room at Tambrey Primary School. We hope you check in with us often to find out what our marvellous musicians are learning.

Firstly, let me show you around Room 13. At Tambrey Primary School we are blessed to have a large Music Room with lots of space. There are two main area in the classroom; a large open floor area where lots of hands-on activities, music listening analysis, group discussions and dancing take place, and two large desk areas for completing written work such as notation and composition.

At Tambrey Primary School we have two Choirs; the Junior Choir for Years 2-4 and the Senior Choir for Years 5-7. Practice is held weekly during school hours.

Part of Tambrey Primary School’s Music ‘Instrumentarium’ includes a growing collection of keyboards. In Years 6 and 7, students learn and develop important skills including note reading, practice and performance skills, in addition to expression and composition.

When you come into the Music Room you will find a row of Jars filled with Paddle-Pop sticks in them. When students get caught unselfishly helping others, their name may be selected out of their class jar. Their parents are then called that afternoon. The aim of these jars is to encourage students to do the right thing regardless of whether they get caught or not and to pass on positive behaviour to parents and not just the negative behaviour.