Phase 3 restrictions

From Monday 8 June, Phase 3 restrictions decree: 
Parents/carers and visitors may come on to school sites to attend pre-arranged meetings and for drop off and pick up purposes, limited to 100 people. 

At Tambrey, we value parents and carers as partners in education, and appreciate your ongoing support. The culture of trust and transparency we share as a school community has never been more important. We thank you for the trust you have in us. Although classrooms are the sole domain of staff and students at the moment, rest assured we are generating new ideas to connect parents and carers with children’s classroom learning, eg rostered parent help.

We want to celebrate the independence and resilience students have shown, and continue to focus on maximising learning opportunities. 
At Tambrey, from Monday 8 June:

  1. Parents and carers of Kindy and Pre-primary parents/carers will continue to be allowed to enter the school grounds to meet staff at the ECC gates for drop off and pick up purposes.
  2. Parents and carers of Year 1 – 6 will be allowed on school site for drop off and pick up purposes if necessary.
  3. Between 8am – 8.10am, parents/carers may accompany their child to the undercover area and then dance to the music as students make their own way to class. 
  4. We ask that parents and carers abide by physical distancing and hygiene measures at all times and do not enter teaching blocks and classrooms unless for a pre-arranged meeting.
  5. The visitors section of the front carpark off Tambrey Drive will be open. Please do not use the staff section of the carpark.
  6. Please support our local businesses by having a catch up chat at a café rather than at school!

We encourage parents/carers to consider how your children have responded to restrictions so far, and to continue with strategies to support greater independence and resilience, to Nurture, Inspire their ongoing Achievement, eg:

  • If the current restrictions work for you and your child – stick to it!
  • Choose one day per week where you drop off / pick up on site
  • Empower older siblings or buddies to drop off / pick up younger ones

In line with the 100/300 rule:

  • We will continue to hold whole school assemblies over the PA system.
  • Incursions, excursions and school community events can resume so events like the Pre-Primary Birthday Picnic, and TAGS Parent Night may go ahead.
  • The Faction Cross Country event will go ahead in phases with parents/carers welcome to spectate.

More good news:

  • Camps have been given the green light. We will continue to liaise with the Broome Camp School in preparation for our planned Year 6 visit late in Term 3.
  • Contact sport and training can recommence.
  • School photos will go ahead in Week 3 of Term 3.


Please don’t enter teaching blocks and classrooms unless for a prearranged meeting
Please don’t use the staff carpark
Please exercise social distancing measures
Please exercise hygiene practices

As per the WA COVID-19 Roadmap, all school activities will be reviewed in preparation for Phase 4.

Kind regards
Troy Withers