Music at Tambrey 

The music education program at Tambrey Primay School is holistic, child focused and inclusive. All students have the opportunity to be actively involved for an hour each week per semester in learning music through singing and playing. During these classes they have exposure to a large variety of music and instruments. They have opportunities in the music classroom to compose, create and perform music while developing a repertoire of songs that target specific skills appropriate to their level of learning music. Through individual and collaborative experiences that nurture, inspire and enrich, students are given opportunities to continually develop their music skills and knowledge. Students are encouraged to reach their potential by using their music skills, imagination, creativity and expression. These individual and collaborative experiences assist students to appreciate and engage in music practices at their level of skills, knowledge and understandings, as well as laying a foundation for ongoing music learning and development throughout their lives. 

A select group of students in Years 5 and 6 have the opportunity to learn a brass or woodwind instrument through the School of Instrumental Music. Their lessons occur on a Monday and are by invitation only. 

Tambrey Primary School hosts a choir for students in years 1 to 6 who love to sing. This dedicated group of students rehearse at lunchtime once a week and perform at various school and community-based events.