Science | STEM

Tambrey is a STEM Pioneer School and seeks to enhance the 21st Century Skill set in our learners. In our purpose built science laboratory and by utilising the richness of the desert landscape and rugged coastline the children learn through an inquiry approach; building upon their fundamental existing knowledge. Learning is hands on and tactile and the children are encouraged to use technology to enhance their collection of data and become more proficient “real world” scientists.  The role Science plays in the modern world is vitally important to us, so alongside a collaboration with CSIRO, the Graham Polly Farmer Foundation and Karratha Senior High School we also engage in local, state and national science programs to enhance understanding and exposure to career choices and passions for science. All students have access throughout the year to regular Scientists from various fields to talk to them and in many cases to work alongside them in class. Linking to the land and the science of our Traditional Owners is something we value highly, specialist staff undergo CSIRO Indigenous Inquiry Learning training and we follow the Australian Curriculum’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander program of study.