We are a dynamic, innovative and inclusive community that nurtures and inspires life long learning and high levels of achievement for all. 

Welcome to Tambrey Primary School – An Independent Public School

Please explore our website to find out more about us. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, call or find us on Facebook. 

Tambrey Primary School was established in 1989 and is named after Tambrey Station, one of the first cattle stations in the district. We welcome enrolments from the suburbs of Tambrey, Jingari, Nickol and Nickol West and cater for approximately 650 children from a diverse range of social and cultural backgrounds. 

We are committed to the ethos of nurture, inspire and achieve, and share high expectations of ourselves and our students. We are a dynamic, innovative and inclusive community that nurtures and inspires lifelong learning and high levels of achievement for all. Our school is a professional learning community where there is a culture of continuous improvement, collaboration and evidence based practice. Our balanced curriculum includes specialist programs in the arts, physical education, languages, digital technologies, science, talented and gifted, and intervention, as well as whole school literacy and numeracy programs that ensure high quality low variance teaching. 

Our school is community orientated. We actively support and participate in the Karratha schools network. Student learning is strengthened through partnerships with parent groups, industry, local business, Government agencies, not for profit organisations and Aboriginal corporations working together to ensure a high quality education for all children. Numerous events are held each year with great participation from parents and community members. 

The staff at Tambrey Primary School are committed to providing an inclusive learning environment in which all members of the school community can thrive. Our Positive Behaviour Support focuses on: Strive for Personal Growth, Take Responsibility, Act Safe and Respect. 

The Western Australian Values of Schooling articulate what we believe all our students should value. These are: Respect and concern for others and their rights; Pursuit of knowledge and commitment to the achievement of potential; Self-acceptance and respect of self; Social and civic responsibility and Environmental responsibility. 


Choosing which primary school to send your child to school is a big decision – so how do you make the right choice for your child?

The administrative team at Tambrey Primary are here to help you with your application to attend our school. Contact our friendly staff to book an appointment.

With excellence I start my day, and do the best I can 
As Tambrey kids we try our best, 
We use our four stars for success. 
We care for others and show respect, 
And we are proud to say 
We are from TAMBREY